Exactmer awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Queen Mary University of London

Exactmer, together with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), has been awarded its first Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), from Innovate UK.

Through this KTP, Exactmer and QMUL will develop new synthesis methods for exact Polyethylene Glycol polymers (PEGs), using Exactmer’s proprietary Nanostar Sieving Technology platform. When added to therapeutics drugs, PEGs help to regulate the transport and retention of the medicine in the body. Their water solubility also lends them useful in drug delivery scaffolds and nanomedicine. However, current manufacturing limitations means that producing PEGs is difficult to do accurately; to do so is challenging, time-consuming and expensive.

To solve this, Exactmer is developing its breakthrough technology, Nanostar Sieving, which could revolutionise PEG manufacturing. Through this KTP project, QMUL and Exactmer will address manufacturing and analytical challenges and will accelerate the commercialisation of exact PEGs for applications in the PEGylated drug and Antibody Drug Conjugates markets.

The KTP programme is a collaboration between universities and businesses in the UK, to help overcome challenges of innovation and address specific obstacles to technology development. It is a partially-government funded initiative which gives companies access to the know-how and expertise of academic institutions, through a project designed to address a specific business need.

Exactmer and Queen Mary University of London are now hiring a Postdoctoral Research Chemist to work as KTP Associate on the project. You can apply for the role and see further details here.

For more information please contact the Exactmer team at sales@exactmer.com.