Accelerating Your Innovation Through Powerful Partnering

The SCOUT project, launched by CPI to help Scottish SMEs overcome challenges of innovation, hosted a webinar on February 9th 2022, centred on ‘Powerful Partnering’. At this event, Andrew Livingston outlined Exactmer’s journey and the successful partnership that supported its development.

In 2021, Exactmer became a central part of Grand Challenge 3, from the new Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC), aimed at collaboratively revolutionising the manufacture of oligonucleotides. The collaboration, which includes AstraZeneca and Novartis, enables the partners to utilise their combined expertise across scale-up, analytics, and process development, ultimately transforming the oligonucleotide supply chain. The MMIC employs a ​Grand Challenge’ model, consisting of collaborative projects that bring together effective partnerships to address key issues raised by pharmaceutical industry consortia.

Andrew was joined by representatives from the MMIC, as well as Astra Zeneca’s Terry Reed, and Barrie Cassey from CPI. The webinar explored the opportunities and challenges encountered in developing successful partnerships, with the stakeholders sharing insights and experiences that help accelerate innovation process.

You can catch the webinar on-demand, here.