Head of Process Chemistry

Why risk a polymer when you can use an Exactymer?

Exactmer is dynamic fast growing business producing precision polymeric molecules with our patented Nanostar Sieving Technology. Using this disruptive new platform, we are creating exquisite synthetic and biological polymers, including oligonucleotides, mono-disperse polyethylene glycols (PEGs), ADC-linkers, peptides and more… most of them bound for use in medicines that enhance patient quality of life. Oligonucleotides in particular are a new therapeutic modality, heavily invested in across the pharma industry, but their synthesis and separation is a major block to scale-up and introduction to large patient populations.

Exactmer is at forefront of providing technology to unlock the therapeutic power of oligos and deliver patient benefits. London-based, we are in a rapid phase of growth and are searching for a self-starting, dynamic, flexible and committed individual to join our team. We are seeking someone outstanding, with industry experience, to lead our Process Chemistry team, and create long-term value for the business through delivering high-quality laboratory and kilo scale chemistry.

As Head of Process Chemistry, you will be responsible for:

  • Contributing to bench chemistry in-person – You will work on a wide range of chemistries, across synthesis, purification and analysis of biopolymers including oligonucleotides, and synthetic polymers including PEGs. You will deal with preparation of monomers for iterative synthetic processes; synthesis through repeated coupling and deprotection reactions, and membrane separation. You will have knowledge of using analytical methods such UPLC-MS, HPLC, NMR and other techniques.
  • Planning staff allocations across synthesisers/ days, and directing staff day-to-day activity
  • Lab safety and tidiness
  • Record keeping batch records
  • Lab Quality systems
  • Prioritising samples and liaising with Analyst(s)
  • Data analysis from synthesiser runs (metrics)
  • Regular operations – Organising supplies/ placing orders and procurement / disposing of wastes
  • Labelling and materials flow of all samples
  • Final sample analysis/ CoAs and sample release to partners
  • Coordinating membrane and synthesiser readiness between engineering and chemistry teams.

You should have strong evidence of handling projects from initiation to completion, be methodical and scientifically rigorous in your approach and be able to lead in the organisation of the laboratory and the data it creates.  Coaching and mentoring of team members who are less experienced in process chemistry is a requirement, as is excellent team-working. This role is lab-based.

Candidates should have a chemistry PhD, and a desire to learn fast and tackle many different aspects of creating a new technology and new products. We offer an attractive remuneration package.

To find out more, contact Andrew Livingston on info@exactmer.com. To apply, send Andrew your 2-page CV and a letter covering your background and interest in this role. We will be continuously reviewing applicants.