UK collaboration to revolutionise oligonucleotide medicines manufacturing

Exactmer is thrilled to announce a collaboration with AstraZeneca, Novartis, CPI and UK Research and Innovation aimed to revolutionise oligonucleotide medicines manufacturing.

Oligonucleotide drugs work by interfering with how genes are expressed and are now being explored to treat diseases affecting large patient populations, however their use is currently limited by inefficient manufacturing processes. This collaboration, known as Grand Challenge 3, at the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, aims to develop a cost effective, sustainable and scalable manufacturing method for oligonucleotide medicines. Inclisiran, an oligonucleotide drug from Novartis, would be the first medicine to be manufactured at scale as a result of this collaboration. AstraZeneca has a large pipeline of oligonucleotide therapies which will also benefit from the results of this collaboration.

Exactmer will lead the initial phase of the project focusing on both the development of scale-up strategies for liquid phase processes and on a proof-of-concept programme. The collaboration will utilise Nanostar Sieving technology to enhance the efficiency and yield of oligonucleotide manufacturing processes and reduce the manufacturing costs, enhancing the potential for large-scale manufacturing of oligonucleotide drugs.

Read the full press release on the CPI website.